Make sure your getting your moneys worth by using the hardware to its fullest. All postings of your own music thread or comment for any reason should go in the Feedback thread. Yes, lets mark it as fixed, but its frustrating we never truly got to the bottom of it! But then I have small glitches in sound at the same time. If your thread is vague, unclear, or easily answered by searching “does anyone else? Tried that, still nothing. I’ll keep it this way until I install Win7, then I’ll start fresh.

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I was having issues, asked, emailed focusrite and it’s only now that i’ve opened up yousician to find that my scarlet is actually working perfectly that i realized that it was my daw and not my interface.

Line 6 – Support

Not sure about the bigger ones, but most of their consumer grade products work that way. Ok- failwd the launchpad last wudio and I can’t get it to function properly in Ableton. If you’re new to pr o ducing, read the Newbie FAQ. Well, just to be on the safe side, please try a proper clean installation again: However lets first be clear, You have on your preferences options, one tab for Audioi.


Thanks again for your patience, Filip. It seems wsio we tried to look at everything else, moving over to a new account might just be an easier solution to be honest!


Would you consider reformatting your computer? Sat Mar 03, 6: I wrote to Novation support but I haven’t got a response. Read the Newbie FAQ.

Thank you so much. You should have your ‘Echo Audio – Asio’ soundcard selected in Abletons audio preferences.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

No “motivation posts” Lower-effort “motivational” threads asking how to get through an artistic slump may be removed because they’ve been answered quite a few times before. In some cases you may need to start Windows with the device disconnected, install some software, connect the device then install the drivers.

This is applicable for any audio interface really. I’ve tested it out on an Aspire One netbook, but the thing is too damn slow and didn’t successfully install the drivers and programs in the 3 times I’ve tried. Ira Frazier by Caity Chaos and the s. No flame wars, disrespect, condescension based on level of experience, or tactless posts stereotyping any group of people will be tolerated.

Collab calls should go in the Collaboration Thread. Mem wise, I was shutting down the uTorrent and Audacity only normal use with these two, as I have not fiddled with any of the settings, altough I don’t see how could those affect the ASIO drivers. Threads that do not conform will be removed without notice. Maybe that advice is good from “iseedeafpeople” It was working a few weeks back.


I have not reinstalled Live Lite yet. Use clear and concise titles The purpose of your post must be clear by reading your title.

Ah, don’t worry about it, the main thing is that it works so I can get on with the Twitch. Check the dropdown menu above the posts! Failrd Jul 02, 6: And this time, I’ve dsvice everything onto C: Thanks for your patience anyway and sticking it through to get this far: I doubt this setup will last long, so I’ll report back to the topic and try the same thing again with an another account.

My Focusrite has the correct drivers installed but Live Lite cannot open them. For your Midi drivers, including usb, check controllers and choose your chosen set up options for that device. The novtaion suggestion applies to WinXP but maybe it will carry over to Win7.