How can you tell a fake 1st Edition SuperQuad??? Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Originally Posted by Butcho22 I guess the way to avoid this is to get the serial number before you buy it if possible? The fake below in our image looks very similar from a distance, so you can see how the crooks are getting away with it when you have nothing to compare it too! It seemed “dead” to me. Edited by MG , 02 December – I thought that the black face would present a problem in club alignment sicne there was no contrast between the face and crown,but there was no problem with alignment.

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What is the serial?

What has happened here is that the customer OP has been sold a fake item and before that happened one of the AG staff has bought a fake, A couple of errors there. A quick way is to run your finger along the outside top edge of the toe around back to the hosel.

How can you tell a fake 1st Edition SuperQuad???

I had no intention of buying a TM, but after trying to love the FT 5 and FT-i I could not deny that the Superquad had the best look, feel, fqke ball flight of any of them. Already have an account? Your best bet is to call or email TM and talk to customer service. I would send it to Taylormade to have them make the determination. Their appears to be no serial number on the hosel BB code superqusd On.


Posted 09 June – Find More Posts txylormade Blive 2. Despite their huge popularity, there tend to be much fewer Ping counterfeits around than some other major makes. I’m a big believer in the fact that a driver either works great right from the start, or it never will.

Fake Taylormade r7 Superquad from American Golf! – Golf Forum – Golf Tips & PGA Golf Forums

I just ordered an Axiv-V which is pretty low launch just to try and offset a bit to much height. Posted 26 May – Posted 04 December – Note the stronger blue and more defined decals of the genuine bottom one. Rogues Gallery There is not space to reveal all the tell-tale signs that mark out a counterfeit from the genuine article — but here are just a few examples of the sort of discrepancies which give the game away.

And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? Neil20 I’m struggling to see which law has been broken from the information we have here, help!

I think my Taylormade driver is fake

Wanna get rid of this superqhad yellow box? Removing the golf hat requires the arranging of ball, club, etc. By iacasDecember 31, in Instruction and Playing Tips. Edited by MrJones, 28 March – The fake, here, is on the left — note how the number 9 denoting the loft is a slightly different font — and how Callaway written on the side is less defined.


I am usually pretty much the last person who could get scammed as I am pretty careful when it comes to that kind of stuff. Wow, I buy almost all my clubs on ebay and have never had a problem. It’s got to be. Originally Posted by Butcho22 golf digest article about how many fakes come from china.

This club is worth at least twice as much as the base model I thought I was getting. Now, why exactly is it a great driver i. If it would be a fake then it would be the best fake ever. Posted 28 March – Back to Deal or No Deal?

Several functions may not work. I’ve had a reply from the seller.