Reads documents at 50 ppm A4 long-edge feed. Moreover, the electricity management hardware incorporated into previous devices to improve responsiveness from a network was integrated into a single chip SoC: Higher intelligence and an augmented lineup of black and white models August 25, By incorporating this printhead, the motor used to rotate a polygon mirror is no longer necessary, and thus can be eliminated. Equipped with copier, printer, fax and scanner functions.

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Protects documents with high confidentiality by requiring the user to enter the password when printing. As users can load paper and replace consumables from the front side, the space required for operating the printer is kept to a minimum.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

Power consumption during energy-saving mode is 3. Saves data to PCs or servers and sends e-mail concurrently with fax transmission. All of these technologies contribute to docuucentre performance exceeding that of other products in the same class comparison of TEC value Note2. Sends data to multiple PCs and servers simultaneously. And because users can save paper by using the duplex copying and printing functions not only in monochrome but also in full color, the products also help to prevent deforestation while reducing CO 2 emissions.

Furthermore, the products are quiet and ozone-free. For these products, we have applied our technologies to reduce power consumption during product use, as well as CO 2 emissions during the product manufacturing xero.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers for Mac OS X Driver – TechSpot

Note1 With these technologies, the fusing unit is quickly heated to fusing temperature without preheating. Labeled as Fuji Xerox recyclable product, achieving the Company’s high standards in the usage rate of recycled and reusable parts by manufacturing in a closed-loop production process.


Besides the scanner function, Document Combo has an optional high-speed image compression Note2 feature that operates through a newly developed processor. Our new free belt nip technology has been used to achieve both high productivity and energy-saving performance for the products.

We have reduced the power consumption of the products during sleep mode to 2 W or less Note1 by incorporating our newly developed “energy-saving controller” technology. The warm-up time has marked at less than one minute, the world’s fastest warm-up time for a color device.

Document Centre C450 Drivers & Downloads

By incorporating this printhead, the motor used to rotate a polygon mirror is no longer necessary, and thus can be eliminated. While the printer is in deep sleep mode, power consumption is only 4 W or less. The DocuPrint C is a low-power-consuming, quiet, and compact A3-capable full-color dcoucentre intended for small and medium offices. Thanks to our optical parts and image processing algorithms, the products provide image quality as stable as that achieved using a xenon lamp at high speed.

DocuPrint C The DocuPrint C is a low-power-consuming, quiet, dochcentre compact A3-capable full-color printer intended for small and medium offices. With these energy-saving technologies, the products achieve both energy-saving performance TEC value and convenient use recovery time from sleep mode that docuceentre those of other multifunctional devices in the same class.

The “Roller-in-Roller fusing system” can be applied to devices of even higher speed for contributing to further energy conservation. Note3 A fencing circuit prevents the current leakage of unused parts by electrically separating the inside of a chip.

Efficient distribution of e-mail and fax by registering routine jobs as job flows up to to the box function. The linkage between the energy-saving digital color multifunctional device and the software that promotes the digitization of printed documents was highly evaluated. Reads documents at 50 ppm A4 long-edge feed.


Fuji Xerox Launches New DocuCentre Color Series FujiXerox

Document Combo is an all-in-one optional system that eliminates the need for private servers and software packages by incorporating document image processing and transmission capabilities, allowing scanned or faxed documents to be read via web browser, automatically listing the job history of the multifunction machine it is connected to, and enabling the latest printer and scanner drivers to be downloaded. For the fusing unit that consumes the most energy of all units constituting a multifunctional device, we have used our proprietary IH fusing technology.

Strengthened Lineup of Black and White Machines. The energy consumption efficiency was significantly better than the target level of in the energy saving act. Overlays page number, date, and fixed text to the document. This, combined with induction heating IH fusing technologywhich reduces the time taken to recover from sleep mode, has made possible a significant overall reduction in device startup time.

A basic unit defined by Fuji Xerox is used to calculate CO 2 emissions based on product weight. By using a fencing circuit Note3 that can prevent current leakage during sleep mode, we have reduced power consumption during sleep mode to 1.

This information is for business users and therefore does not include consumption tax.

In addition, the use of a light-emitting diode LED printhead has produced even further reductions in noise levels. For the fusing unit that consumes a large portion of electricity, we have advanced the belt fusing technology, which has been one of the indispensable energy conservation technologies.