I saw my friends with super pretty expensive cards, motus, etc So this is a value for money unbeatable. Subscribe to our Newsletter. The only ngatif is that I have to have a Volume Controller. It is stable, trs good quality sound. I already knew the quality of RME convertos cards as regular user of the Fireface.

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I run Cubase, test quickly, grows a little machine, and many feel it is the first weapon bttn this card! I blame him for just the lack of XLR connectors for its output table, the jack is a bit crappy.

PCI Series

I turn over around 8 ms for mastering where latency is not a leading role for safety only. I have logged thousands of hours in studios hyper smoking, she took flight, it is placed on top I think all beer brands that may exist, and never a single crash or anything. I used to catch mobile RME gave era plus a cable to connect the card to a cigarette lighter and connect it to another on a 12v battery, class It is stable, trs good quality sound.

On this point no inquitudes. It is so feature-packed that any review can only scratch the surface.

Then caratristiques techniques that ui my choice? I have not tested the maximum number of track to play and record simultaneously, but in my daily use up to 1. Drout is a bit but when I install it must be said that j’tais sucks, so I probably galr more than enough By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


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Total Mix Software mmultiface you to interface and makes the unit more user friendly. To predict pre amps, not necessarily ADAT, given the quality of the convertion, and also a headphone amplifier for lives taken. Just install it and it works! This is a sound card to top.

K-System Metering and a variety of other analysis tools including RT spectrum analysis, phase meter, etc You have a variety of cards to connect to your computer and interface with your DAW but the software was easily installed and the fact that it has MIDI ports on the Multiface allows for you to integrate all aspects of your studio into this one little box.

RME Audio Multiface II Digital Recorder | eBay

Since that day I forget it completely makes his job quietly and impeccably. The management system of monitoring, the TotalMix managed by the DSP hardware is breathtaking, and probably the best all sound cards combined.

PCI e has been an ultra fast and an ultra reliable technology in my studio whereas Firewire She may be out of date compared to current cards, but I am very satisfied to use my home semi pro studio film music. Configuration asked me some trial and error.


Log in Become a member. Write a user review. The product is super stable, with whom I had no crash. In short, trs good product! With a simple mouse click you gain access to the full power of your system.

Multiface II Out of production! Reputable RME – For what purpose? It interfaces my Hammegfall and AD converters and this without any problems, linked to its powerful routing software HDSP mixer is a devilishly effective working tool used with a Multifqce station muscular quadcore i7, 12g of ram under archlinux kernel PAE and a mobile station from asus laptop W2PC aging but adequate still under archlinux kernel RT. They include frequency analyser, peak and rms meters for all channels and goniometer for stereo field representation.

Significant changes were provided to the internal core. As against a small problem in dcoule: It is running several years without a glitch. But I say that in absolute terms.