Apr 22, 7: Some further Linux information is at NaviLink for Linux. Dec 14, It is about 4. This should be obvious, but always remember to check the package contents list before buying; never had any trouble so far, but it’s always good to be careful for charging up the battery.

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Holux – OpenStreetMap Wiki

This will take a while minutes so it is holud good opportunity to grab a coffee. I highly recommend this device. Blumax receivers can be used with any mobile phone supporting J2ME and bluetooth using mobiletrailexplorer.

Questions about the device can be asked to hanoj. It features a magnet, which is quite useful to put it outside your car, on the roof. In other languages Add links. Works since linux kernel 2. Gpslik has specialized functionalities to monitor and report altitudes via visible and voice based alerts and can integrate applications to upload produced logs to your personal cloud storage.

Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi

I don’t like the fact that every time I shut the lid of the laptop i have to restart the computer and search for the device. I found the visualGPSce hholux to work well. Thanks for all your fine work!!! It makes a nice bleep and flashes a red light when it achieves lock-on which is nice and reassuring.


The use of the GPS is highly dependent on which software is used. One of the free programs is POI Observer which is actually designed to display warnings when getting near a POI but also has data logging capabilities.

Holux GPSlim Handheld GPS Receiver | eBay

It is well written for a Taiwanese user manual hilux, and runs to 66 pages. Do you see the incredible irony here? Receiver should be up to 3 meters away.

Start with a fresh Raspbian image on your SD card and plug it into the Pi along with the Bluetooth dongle. Very fast fix time.

Holux Technology MacOS Driver Downloads

I must say with the slick looking Windows Mobile on the Nokia Lumia phones and the recent release of Icecream sandwich it’s starting mad look like a viable option to jump ship. The battery life can be a problem.

What solved it was opening up the unit, finding the battery and shorting two of the three battery terminals.

The GB seems to be a pretty cheap and good device. Note that this device has a smaller patch antenna than the BT-Q models which may impact sensitivity.

You can charge it via mini-USB but can’t transmit data over this, as you need a special cable from Holux. This is a Bluetooth device, about the size of a small matchbox 67 x And now you can load them into josm. It is not configured to estimate a point with the coordinates of last one evaluated with speed and azimuth. It gets recognized in the other modes too, but didn’t work!


It shows your position on downloadable OSM maps but can also generate GPX trails and waypoints text, numbered, photo and audio. TomTom and Event Logger. Very cheap, but comes with minimal documentation and without software. It is an excellent software for data-logging and much more. Other devices might give more exact results, but keep in mind: May 7, 2: Although the earlier models suffered from RF-interfence and excessively long warm-up times, the model seems to have solved most of these issues.

It’s rugged and waterproof 1.