Without any code development you can create dynamic event reports that are setup on the tool whenever it comes online; capture event, trace, and alarm data; and upload and download process programs. This is the original messages sent and received in the SecsToTool. Protocol Layer Definition The protocol layer implements the transport technology and data packing algorithms used to send messages across a wire between a factory host and an equipment GEM interface. All the API are. Delete all reports acknowledgement. You can deploy it in multiple instances in your own applications for rapid, high-level equipment integration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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It is feasible to run dozens of SECS interface connections on a typical desktop computer. There are message types defined in Stream 7 for discovering the Process Programs residing on seca equipment, transferring Process Programs to the host uploading or to the equipment downloadingor deleting a Process Program at the equipment.

The practice of connection sharing is not recommended for new deployments and is typically found only with older RS systems. You can learn more about this PV2 Standard on our Photovoltaic technologies page. Sces a detailed analysis ses the SECS-GEM scenario, we chose process models and components and that will make your system easier to design, develop and maintain.

SharePoint Framework – Theme Colors. Using the “bottom up” approach, you just have to buy and integrate what your application needs. A semi-conductor equipment is a very complex sevs, but it gets easier when you fully understand the environment and focus on critical issues. For interactive use, field personnel can display in real-time the SECS message data being exchanged, with full control over the level of detail and data interpretation shown.

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An example might be to begin executing a specified process program. As a tool manufacturer, your focus is the bem. Logger “Define all report accepted”.

SECS/GEM Standards Overview

Floating point numbers are the same overhead, but probably requiring more characters to represent the value. SECS communication can be eavesdropped and monitored by an independent application. Spooling Spooling is the ability for the equipment to save an ordered sequence of messages that would have been communicated to the host during a period when host communication is interrupted.

In an automated fabthe interface can start and stop equipment processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products. This method is our sample application entry point to trigger a series of methods to be executed in daisy-chain fashion.

Here are just some of the features that Freescale, National Semiconductor, and other manufacturers have found most valuable. On the host side, a factory architecture for supervisory control and monitoring will usually define a “driver” level for equipment integration.

SECS/GEM Software Integration Tools for Fabs and the Back-end

Click to see larger image It’s time to try a new approach! The limitations of Trace Reporting are in part due to the proliferation of computers, controllers, intelligent instrumentation, and software processes within the equipment system. Enabling The Smart Connected Factory.

Gm provided equipment software implements a Status Variable to make this information available. Seca requires 17 decimal digits to accurately represent an 8-byte floating point number as a string.


SECS uses a compact, self-describing binary representation of data items. Link event report definition to equipment as defined in our ToolModel1. Open HSMS connection port”. The equipment provides three basic levels of host control, which determine the host’s ability to control and monitor the equipment.

Modern SECS software is expected to be able to handle receiving secw messages of any type in succession even though each message may require a separate reply that has not been sent by the receiver.

The message types defined by SECS are partially asymmetric – some message types are defined sec for host use, others are defined only for equipment, but many are defined for the same use by either side. An alarm differs from an event in that it signifies an undesirable condition with both a set and clear state. For these reasons and others, a message queue interface is preferred for integrating drivers into a distributed factory system. In the header data, there is an integer code named the Stream and another integer code named the Function.

Once a connection is established, messages are exchanged in both directions between host and equipment.

Fogale Xrays test equipment user interface.